February 13, 2006


Do You Know That You Are Beautiful?

Hey, I admit it. I'm no poet. I'm a fair non-fiction writer, but not a talented poet. I'm not sure I even understand poetry. I certainly don't know much about its punctuation or structure. Yet, over the past few years, I've been drawn to poetry and to writing poetry...of sorts.

It just started pouring out of me when I was working on some abuse recovery issues. I'd wake up in the middle of the night with these weird word strings in my head. I was compelled to write them down. As it turns out, I have found my "poems" to be quite meditative and helpful in my healing. So, I continue to write, whether what I write is true poetry or not. (You can view some of my stuff at my survivor website: www.survivorscanthrive.com.)

I've got a poem here I want to share with you. It is not sophisticated at all. Heck, it even rhymes. That's totally lame in the real world of poetry these days, isn't it?

But I want to share this poem, and I'll tell you why. Lately, I've been reaching out over the Internet. I've been posting messages on boards and participating in forums. I'm also in the process of checking out a lot of other blogs and I'm going to include links here soon. What I've discovered during this process is this: A lot of folks out there feel like shit! And they feel like shit about themselves. Many seem to feel bad about themselves as a result of what other people have done to them--very abusive stuff.

I have felt this way myself. I have felt shitty about myself--for various reasons--many times. People! We've all got to stop this! I don't care what you've done; we've all made mistakes and have regrets. I don't care what's been done to you. I don't care where you're from or what color your skin is. It doesn't matter whether you're male or female, young or old. I'm telling you, you're beautiful. You have an inherent beauty that shines from within. No matter what happens, where you've been or where you're going, your beauty remains. No matter what. Here's my poem for you:

Your Beauty

I see the beauty you can't see
You're unaware of what it does for me
It's the light shining in your eyes
Lifting me up to brighter skies

Still you walk around
And you hang your head
Sometimes wishing
You were dead

But if you could see
What I see in you
There'd be nothing, love,
That you could not do.

Copyright 2005 Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

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Hi Marj,

Your poem is very touching and moving, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

You are incredibly brave and strong. Thanks for your site. I'd like to link to you if that is alright, both of your sites.

Take care of you!
(don't let anyone tell you rhyming poetry is 'out' ... I know a doctorate of poetry who says that the reason people claim rhyming poetry is 'out' is because it's harder to keep the rhythm & rhymes together, free flowing non rhyming is EASIER ... takes more talent to write rhyming than non rhyming! That's not to put down non rhyming ... some of it is great, but don't call your rhyming lame!)

Anyway ... beautiful!
Hi Marj,
This is a beautiful, truthful, and insightful poem. Thank you for sharing it. Bless you and have a nice weekend.
So you wrote poetry about abuse stuff, also. I did too. And I've seen a number of other websites and blogs with poetry by abuse survivors. I wonder what it is about poetry that we find therapeutic? You're welcome to visit my blog and read my poetry. Just click on my name by this comment.

Best wishes!
I love this poem! Thank you for posting it.
April: so glad the poem touched you. It's a short little rhymer, but I think the message is powerful for survivors to keep in mind.
I found your blog by accident. I'm so happy you are on your road to healing. It's a difficult road to even find in the beginning. I personally love how EFT has helped me. I don't like the re-traumatizing affects of talk therapy. (emofree.com - the manual is free) I would love to email you. I find it hard to talk with non-survivors about this stuff.
Welcome, Crystal Healer. I have found both EFT and TFT techniques to be quite helpful in my own healing. Whenever you want to e-mail me, just leave me a comment. The comments filter right through my e-mail inbox. Thanks for commenting.
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