February 25, 2006


Survivor Acronyms: SI, ED & PTSD

If you saw my post from February 7th about reaching out in cyberspace, you know that I've been posting on some survivor support message boards lately. I can't tell you how helpful this experience has already been for me. So far, I've found these forums to be truly supportive, uplifting and helpful. One of the reasons I wanted to join these groups is to see what other survivors seem to want and need on their journeys of recovery.

I'm amazed at how much I've found out already. I truly want to be of some help to other survivors through this blog and my website: www.survivorscanthrive.com. But, I can't just assume to know what might be helpful to other survivors-turning-thrivers. What I've been doing on these boards is--posting, yes--but also listening. What I'm hearing is that there are quite a few topics near and dear to these fellow survivors that I have yet to include in my blog or on my website. In the weeks to come, I'll be adding some new topics. Here's a laundry list of what I want to do so far:

Gotta go! I've got a lot of work to do.

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Nice to find your post... Another lost survivor here, just muscling through the days... I'll be visiting this site often - think I need it...

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