September 26, 2011


Falling Through Fall

So, I feel like I'm back to falling through Fall again, as it is often a very rough abuse "anniversary" time for me.  But, I've done a lot of therapy (and continue to do so) and I'm finding that I am better now at picking myself up again.

What I want to do here is an update on how my son is doing.  After he came up dirty on a UA for pot, we put our son on random UA testing.  He goes in and pees in a cup every seven to ten days on a random basis.  I thought that he was making wiser decisions and we were in a period of rebuilding trust.  Unfortunately, on Friday I got the results back for another dirty UA, this time for synthetic THC.

Friday was a hell of a day.  Not only did we get the dirty UA results, but my son got a $250 graphing/geometry calculator stolen out of his backpack, too.  So, the boy's house where he was at is now off limits, and so is that entire geographic area, near the local mall, etc.

But, I want to use this opportunity--if anyone is still reading this blog at all--to tell you about the synthetic THC.  It is bad news.  If you are the parent of a young adult or teenager, I urge you to educate yourself on this nasty substance.
Here is Colorado, it is often called "Colorado Chronic."  It also goes by the more common names of K2 and Spice.  It is sold as incense and is still legal (even for minors!) in some states.  It consists of some kind of "organic" material that is sprayed with JWH-018 or some other chemical form of synthetic cannabinoid.  It is usually many times stronger that the THC found in marijuana.  It causes rapid heart rate, anxiety and sometimes delusional states that have lead smokers to violence and suicide.

When states try to ban it, the chemists go in and tweak the formula, rendering it legal again.  Many states are struggling with the loop holes that this street drug slips through.  I have heard that there are also "bath salts" on the market that kids are smoking as well.  The two main reasons why these drugs have become so popular, especially with young kids and people in the military (or other situations where they undergo drug tests regularly), are as follows:  1)  The drug often does not show up on routine drug tests. 2) The drug is sold as incense or some other legal substance and is available even to minors.

Luckily, my son's therapist has found a drug counselor here in town who will send urine samples in to the Redwood Toxicology Laboratory in Santa Rosa, California, and they do, indeed, test for synthetic pot.
For all of you who have shown your concern and support, I thank you very much.  I want you to know that my husband and I are very much involved in our son's therapy and in being aware of what is going on in his teen-aged life, providing structure, limits and consequences as appropriate to help him get back on track.  God, I love that kid!

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