October 25, 2007


Facing Fears & Demons

Facing Demons

You're a part of me that's walled off
Still I feel your fear
You need my attention
It's painful staying here

Facing demons I thought were dead
Retraining the chaos in my head

So, you speak to me in nightmares
Try and get out of my own way
And, I attempt to hear you
You've got secrets you must say

If I look at anymore of this
Will I come completely apart?
How can you destroy your child
And crucify her heart?

Facing demons I thought were dead
Want to feel safe in my own bed

I am reaching in for
A frightened child inside
Who longs and cries for comfort
Then runs away to hide

Yet, I can't forget the children
They're teaching me to feel
Each one of them I'll rescue
As their secrets are revealed

Facing demons I thought were dead
Retraining the chaos in my head.

Copyright 2007 Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

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Speaking to you in nightmares
retraining the chaos in your head.......
I just wrote about this the other day in a poem called Mercy. Seems we are kinda in the same spot. (sigh)

We wish you peace of mind,
This is a strongly worded poem I like very much.

You have the ability to put so much meaning into deceptively simple words.

(I wish I were not so wordy myself!)
Thanks, Austin, I appreciate that. I also appreciate knowing I'm not alone with this stuff. I wish you peace as well.

Beauty: I think the words in your writing are eloquent and beautiful...but, thanks! :)

How well you capture the essence of what it's like to go through the healing process.
Thanks, April. I did want there to be some hope about healing in there, too.
Hope does come through in your words. Hope is what keeps most of us struggling for a better tomorrow. Believe me when I saw that life does get better. I used to think that incest issues were my life. That was all I could think about. It would become so overwhelming sometimes that all I could do was hide. I couldn't even cry at that time because tears showed weakness and I had to be strong. That is some of the bull that I was taught by my parents. Tears are a sign of releasing and growing. Being vulnerable is one of the most healing things that I have ever done for myself. Being vulnerable lets other people in. It lets them know what you are feeling. It allows them close enough to offer help and support which we need. Being vulnerable is frightening and rewarding. It is a fear that you will be glad you faced. Have a glorious day.
Thanks for your insights and support, Patricia!
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