February 26, 2007


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Hey, everybody! I had a "what's-up-in-my-therapy" post half written the other day and it went *POOF!* into a black hole of cyberspace. This was particularly frustrating because I bought a new spill-proof/crumb-proof keyboard that I'm not scared of my kid using...only it sucks! The correct keys just don't strike consistently right. Then, I was forced to switch over to the new and improved Blogger and ever since, cannot log into my account. But, HA! I am a sneaky and stubborn survivor! I figured out a way to go to my own comment area and comment on my own blog, thus logging myself into my account. While I'm still logged in, I can post my own writings, post your comments and visit other bloggers and comment there as well. WHEW!

Don't forget to get on over to Annaleigh's beautiful blog, As Waters Passing By/Blessed Fearscapes and visit the February Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Since February is the Valentine's/Love month, we've got WW and Mike at Child Abuse Survivor giving some very thought-provoking offerings on the topic of love. There are many other excellent posts in the carnival as well. So, go check it out!

February 11, 2007


Carnival Hits the Road Again!

Yahoo! The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is hitting the road again! It's our 8th Edition of the carnival and this month, it will be hosted at my wonderful friend Annaleigh's blog, As Waters Passing By/Blessed Fearscapes. She's decided, since February is Valentine's Day month, she will have a special edition focus on love. Annaleigh wants to know, among other things, how we've learned to love ourselves in the healing process, and how we show love to our own children.

I think Annaleigh will be a most impressive host! Please go over and check out her blog and look at the submission information about this edition on
www.blogcarnival.com. The deadline for submissions is midnight Tuesday, February 20. The carnival will post on Friday, the 23rd. Thanks for your support of our blog carnival, everyone. Let's keep it going strong on the road!

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