May 19, 2006


Take a Stand, Raise Your Hand!

As you may recall, I am participating in an art project for child sexual abuse awareness called, The Show of Hands. I wrote about it in March, here. Jodi, the artist, is planning on showing the first installment of this art display in July.

I'll be mailing in my handprint for The Show of Hands next week and I've written a poem to go along with the print. "Raising my hand" coincides with my recent rant on the indifference people show toward child abuse, and child sexual abuse in particular.

Here' my poem. Please be careful, it could be triggering. It's another non-modern rhymer, but I think the wording is as timely as it can be:

Raise Your Hand

If I raise my hand,
will you recognize
my story, my fear,
the pain in my eyes?

I know how much you wish
I would just go away.
But, I'm standing up.
I've got something to say.

They raped me, tried to break me
and toss me aside.
Too long, I felt the damage,
believing their lies.

Did you know
you had the power
to spare a child
the years of shame?

When you avert your eyes
and are deaf to her cries,
she's left thinking she has
only herself to blame.

I ask you now,
will you still turn away
when a million voices
ask you to stay?

Will you listen and believe?
Will you take a stand?
Your own precious daughter
is raising her hand.

Copyright 2006 Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

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I loved the poem - to the point and so true. Glad you are participating.

Thanks, Whitedove! And I'm glad I'm participating, too.
Oh, I really like that! That's pretty cool...

btw..the resources page on The People Behind My Eyes has better links to DID info.

Happy you stopped by, I have to say this poem is somewhat timely...

smiles to you,
Austin of Sundrip Journals
Thanks, Austin! Updating, updating, updating...I'm gettin' there!
I love your poem. I think Poems are a wonderful way to express your feelings.
Thanks, Wanda!
powerful poem. A child's cry. Sarah
Marj, thanks for sharing this poem that you wrote. Poetry doesn't have to rhyme to be poetry. Great works that show your courage and growth.
Sarah: Thanks so much for coming here to my old post to read my poem.

Patricia: Thanks for the supportive comment. And thanks for always supporting THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE the way you do.
Thank you for sharing this with the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse!!

It spoke to me on so many levels. It is still so timely, even these many years later.

I, too, submitted a handprint to The Show of Hands project. It was soon after I started speaking out about the abuse, and it was the first "big public" statement that I made.
Hi Marj,

What a powerful piece of poetry! Thank you for sharing it was very moving and heartfelt.
What a beautiful poem! Very touching
Beautiful, Marj.
Beautiful poem, thanks Marj!
Marj, I am back again, still supporting the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse about 1 1/2 years later. Miss you and hope you are doing well. Glad to see you sharing your words still. I liked this poem the first time I read it. You were the first one to expose me to the idea of going from survivor to thriver with my healing.
Wow! I' ve been even more out of the loop than usual lately, and look at these lovely comments on this old post. This post is almost five years old, I'm noticing. Wow, again!

Tracie: thanks for sharing that about your involvement in the Show of Hands project. I had forgotten you had submitted a hand. Cool! *hugs*

Gale, DR, Susan & Leslie: Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment.

Patricia: I miss you, too, dear friend. Thanks for these moving words. They touch me. I hope you are doing well, too. Take care. xoxoxoxo
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