October 19, 2007


A Halloween Blog Carnival

It's been almost two months since I've heard anything from Lisa at Sadly Normal. I've tried everything I know to do to reach her, with no success. The last entry on her blog is dated August 27. All I can do is keep her in my thoughts and prayers, send good vibes and hope that she is safe.

I've decided just to do a quick, down-and-dirty blog carnival for October myself. The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse will post on Friday, October 26 and submissions are due on Wednesday, October 24. You can go right to the Blog Carnival submission form here.

Since October hosts Halloween in the US--"Fright Night"--I thought I'd ask for submissions about overcoming fear. Please enter if you can. Soon, I'll be organizing my list of hosts that we'll finish off the year, and start the new year with. Thanks for your patience everybody.

I've got some submissions starting to come in--thanks kind folks!
Mine was submitted 2 min ago.

You rock, Austin! THANKS! :)
I just submitted a post.
Thanks, April. You always have such helpful posts.
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